How to Plan an Ideal Honeymoon

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So you are getting married in this wedding season – Congratulations! Planning a memorable honeymoon is a very important part of your wedding planning. It’s a much-needed break after months of engaging and often tiring wedding schedule! Here are some handy tips for planning the ideal honeymoon.

Why we need an Ideal Honeymoon

tl9dekpndhm-wilson-sanchezTaking your honeymoon provides rejuvenation – It is often said that the wedding is for the guests, and the honeymoon is for the couple. Do you know why that is? It is because all of those crazy months of planning, primping, and preparation should account for something, right? I can’t tell you that it seems more often that not that the prep for the wedding is often so overwhelming that the actual event that may last 7 to 8 hours, can be somewhat of a letdown.  So after the wedding, is it any wonder that couples don’t want to head back to work like it is just another day? Couples need time to recover, rejuvenate, and rewind.

Your honeymoon sets the tone for your new life – A honeymoon provides your first memorable moments as a couple. It sets the stage on how a couple treats each other, and prepares the path to wedded bliss. Not to mention some great honeymoon memories that will help keep the spark alive while reminiscing. If you have an arranged marriage then it goes without saying that an ideal honeymoon will play a great role in understanding your partner

What is the “Ideal Honeymoon?”

Most people grow up with a preconceived notion of what an ideal honeymoon should involve. However, a bride’s idea of beachside paradise and a groom’s idea of a Adventurous Mountain resort might have some areas of conflict.

Paradise Comes in Many Forms – Different Types of Honeymoons
When it comes to honeymoon planning, most couples try to select the destination first, while travel agents often suggest a more productive way to begin. Unless your dream destination has already been set in stone, first decide what type of vacation you want. Then you can narrow down your list of destinations accordingly.

Resorts are very popular honeymoon destinations. They transport you into another world, for a wonderful escape from the daily grind of everyday life. They are often set in the most picturesque and beautiful places in the world, including pools, private beaches and golf courses. There are wonderful restaurants and relaxing spas for you both to experience.

ideal honeymoon

All-inclusive resorts streamline the enjoyment process by including everything. Your room, transfers, recreational facilities, meals and drinks are included in the one price. Without the worries of wondering how much everything little thing will cost, you are free to live the high life experiencing everything you want as often as you want it.

If an all-inclusive resort sounds tempting but too stationary, consider taking a cruise. Cruises are often floating resorts, which take you away to one exotic port after another. Whether you want a cultural cruise to the Caribbean region, or a cruise from Singapore to Disneyland in Hong Kong, a well-planned trip has it own advantages.

Some couples have also tried a very specialised “Retreat Honeymoon”. Which takes you to a different level of understanding and chemistry together. There are many such beautiful places in Himalayas and Africa. While choosing a retreat option, it is very important to consider the preference of your partner. Both may or may not like yoga of some therapy. An ideal honeymoon should always be a win-win.

 What to avoid in an Ideal honeymoon

For most couples it’s the very first time you are staying together and you learn quite a lot about your partner’s style and preferences. It’s advisable to put across your best behaviour. Don’t be fake; just be good and courteous to each other. Silly jokes and things may not help much and nobody wants his/her partner to be a jerk.

Key is to express your love and affinity for each other at every possible moment. Do share your experience that can make an ideal honeymoon.

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