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This blog by Ankita is in continuation with her previous story Dachstein Ice Caves

Mammoth Caves

Theses caves are not as cool as ice caves but they are worth watching. They actually have 60 km of passageways. But generally, people like me take the one hour guided tour where they will cover 1 km of distance inside the cave. Theses caves are famous for the one of the oldest fossils being excavated from them.

5 Fingers lookout

From mammoth caves, we returned to ‘Seilbhan’ again. We had our lunch and then we proceeded towards 5 fingers. The trail towards 5 fingers was very narrow and uneven. You need to be completely cautious and should have complete control over your feet.

This is definitely one of the spectacular viewing platforms in the whole world. This is an extended platform built about 500 meters above the ground that bestows you with the breathtaking views of the world heritage region. One of the platforms is made entirely with glass and another has a Barque picture frame where you can have your picture with the beautiful town of ‘Hallstatt’ behind you.

Dachstein Ice Caves

I will never forget this trip of Dachstein Ice Caves. It was an invigorating and winning experience for me. there’s a wooden bench. While we were tracking towards 5 fingers there was a wooden bench. I saw it and could not resist to sit there for a while. Magnificent Alpes, clouds, clear sun all of them collaborated to frame the best sight ever.

Travel Tips for the adventure

1. Better to take your own food cause after this much walking and tracking you will feel your stomach grumbling inside

2. Do try the exclusive Hazelnut Ice-cream after everything is done. It will be like cherry to your icing

3. Keep yourself hydrated

And most importantly….enjoy nature’s awesomeness.

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When I was in middle school, my brother and I loved watching discovery show ‘Lonely Planet’. It was a travel show where the host Ian Wright used to travel around the globe and shared his amazing travelling experiences of the places and people. As kids, we loved this show and always dream of wandering around the world. But at the same time, we were lazy bones and wanted to travel were trekking is neither included nor hiking. We were kind of those people who loved eating pizza with always-extra cheese.

I was smiling, remembering all this while sitting on a wooden bench on my way to ‘Five Fingers’. Still gasping for breath with my 1.5-year-old on my back, I was wondering Wow this is life!

Dachstein ice caves

Brief history of caves

Dachstein Ice Caves are one of the most significant natural monuments of Austria. Its emergence begins way back before 200 million years ago. There was a warm primeval ocean called Tethys. The ocean was extended where today’s Dachstein massif is rising. These caves were first explored in 1910.

And the Journey Continues…

From Obetraun we took bus to our cable car stop, those cable cars took us to the ‘Dachstein ice caves’. Now we are here in Seilbahn the ‘middle station’ to start our tour. From here you need to walk up for 20 minutes to reach the entrance of the caves.
This was one of the toughest parts of the trip for me because the trail was steep and upward; with a child on your back and lot of ‘cheese fed belly’ it was difficult for me to climb up. But the sight around was so amazing, it was easing the hardship.
Outside the caves, it was quite hot but to enter the caves you need to cover yourself properly as the temperature inside was lower than 8 degree Celsius.

Dachstein ice caves

‘ICEY inside’…Dachstein Ice Caves

A guide came along; he took the whole group inside the cave. Initially, you could see the large caverns, stalagmites and stalactites. Later on, as you go deeper you get to see the sites of fascinating ice forms. They were so big, glittering and untouched with icicles. This ice was formed from the water that seeps from the Dachstein plateau into the caves from small cracks and cliffs.

The walk inside the cave was not that easy, sometimes it was steep upwards and sometimes it was sloppy. After some walking you get to see a big wall of ice and now you it’s worth it. From there you go through a frozen tunnel “the keyhole”. And then the real thing starts. You can see big ice preserves and ice formations. They have given these ice formations fairy-tale names like “ice palace”, “Tristan dome”, Big Ice Chapel”, Big Ice Mountain”. My favorite was “Castle of the Holy Grail”

Dachstein ice caves

This was my first experience with caves and now I know that caves are very wide and big inside. Especially theses caves were so big that they even had a frozen waterfall!

To be continued… contrast awaits