Hi, I am Alok Verma

I love to travel and explore new places. Build experience and share it..

About Us


About Us

I am a Business Consultant by profession who is always looking for a reason to travel!

Travelling has been my passion from the beginning of my time. But my job in sales and marketing limited it to quite an extent some years back. All my travel was with in Delhi-Noida-Faridabad-Gurgoan (India), and trust me it cannot get more boring than that. So I switched my job, rather changed the whole industry and became a Facilitator of Team Building, Leadership and Innovation. At one place this new job helped me to meet a lot of new people and do something to bring little impact and change in their lives, on the other being a facilitator involved a lot of travelling. And I loved that.

5 years back I casually started writing for TripAdvisor. My review gradually kept increasing with more trip experience I gained. Till recently I got a mail from TripAdvisor that my viewership is 100,000!


Today I am a Level 6 Contributor in TripAdvisor, with 100,000 Readers, 98 Reviews, 64 Ratings, 68 Helpful Votes and 47 Badges to boast about! See Profile


My friends and readers suggested to put my experience in one place for the other travellers to benefit. I also feel that I should share my experiences for other travellers. So we created tripflavour.com.

Where all kind of flavours(experiences) of a my trips will be present. Some may be great and not that great. That's how any trip happens, at one place we have fun and at another we get some surprise. I will try to share what all surprises I got so that you are aware. We are also inviting guest blogs from others. So Bloggers feel free to reach us by filling your info below and we will get back to you very soon.We love to hear your comments and suggestion on our posts. Sharing Enriches All...