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This blog by Ankita is in continuation with her previous story Dachstein Ice Caves

Mammoth Caves

Theses caves are not as cool as ice caves but they are worth watching. They actually have 60 km of passageways. But generally, people like me take the one hour guided tour where they will cover 1 km of distance inside the cave. Theses caves are famous for the one of the oldest fossils being excavated from them.

5 Fingers lookout

From mammoth caves, we returned to ‘Seilbhan’ again. We had our lunch and then we proceeded towards 5 fingers. The trail towards 5 fingers was very narrow and uneven. You need to be completely cautious and should have complete control over your feet.

This is definitely one of the spectacular viewing platforms in the whole world. This is an extended platform built about 500 meters above the ground that bestows you with the breathtaking views of the world heritage region. One of the platforms is made entirely with glass and another has a Barque picture frame where you can have your picture with the beautiful town of ‘Hallstatt’ behind you.

Dachstein Ice Caves

I will never forget this trip of Dachstein Ice Caves. It was an invigorating and winning experience for me. there’s a wooden bench. While we were tracking towards 5 fingers there was a wooden bench. I saw it and could not resist to sit there for a while. Magnificent Alpes, clouds, clear sun all of them collaborated to frame the best sight ever.

Travel Tips for the adventure

1. Better to take your own food cause after this much walking and tracking you will feel your stomach grumbling inside

2. Do try the exclusive Hazelnut Ice-cream after everything is done. It will be like cherry to your icing

3. Keep yourself hydrated

And most importantly….enjoy nature’s awesomeness.

December 10, 2016 Alok 2 comments

Winters holidays are here, trips are in planning phase. Finding a shoreline get-away spot can be somewhat troublesome. It doesn’t need to be, which is where this article will truly prove to be useful. Beneath, you’ll discover a few resorts that offer an interesting turn to your winter holidays shoreline excursion.

1. Molokai Farm and Cabin

Winter Holidays


On a white sand shore on the modest Hawaiian island of Molokai, visitors will remain in agreeable yet remarkable tents. Every twofold unit canvas home sits on wooden stages, offers ruler estimate beds in one unit, twin beds in the other, sun powered controlled lights, and a private restroom with boiling hot water showers.

The Molokai Farm and Hotel offers more than 54,000 sections of land, incorporating shoreline cliff with extremely rich valleys. The open-air exercises here incorporate ocean kayaking, social climbs, mountain biking, and horseback rides. For the children, the hotel offers nature strolls, horse stables, tidal pools and Hawaiian expressions and artworks. This makes it an ideal location or winter holidays.

2. Stupendous! Wailea Resort and Spa of Hawaii

Winter Holidays
Wailea Beach Marriott Resort & Spa swimming pool area; Maui, Hawaii.

Long prior, a major swimming pool was sufficient to make visitors glad. In present days, resorts contend in water exercises, for example, tidal ponds, waterfalls, water slides, and even sluggish streams.

The Stupendous Wailea Resort offers a few attractions, for example, the 4,580 square foot Hibiscus pool, and the 25,700 square foot Gully Action pool which is incredible for families on a Winter Holiday.

3. Atlantis Resort of the Bahamas

Winter Holidays

In the astounding water fun division is the remarkable Atlantis Resort and Spa on Heaven Island in the Bahamas. Alongside the shoreline, the Atlantis has eleven swimming pools, Mayan Sanctuary water slides, and languid waterway rides. The Atlantis likewise brags astonishing marine natural surroundings, with show tidal ponds that house more than 50,000 ocean creatures. Its a very popular destination for a winter holiday resort.

4. Club Med Punta Cana

Winter Holidays

In the course of the most recent quite a while, the Domain Republic has been working hard to build up itself as a goal for families, with numerous all-inclusive offers being constructed for making it an ideal winter holiday location. This area has every one of the advantages of a tropical resort in addition to emerge highlights that incorporate children programs, and different attractions that make Club Med Punta Cana a standout amongst the most one of a kind shoreline excursion spots in the whole world.

5. Virgin Islands

Winter Holidays
British Virgin Islands, SCRUB Island, wide OVERVIEW pools to marina & sea

The US Virgin Islands National Stop is an extremely novel get-away spot with white sandy shorelines, and hotel in agreeable tent cabins.

Similarly as with the Molokai Farm, visitor cabins are based on stages and intended to be both appealing and agreeable. Every one has a dozing territory, bed cloth, towels, kitchen utensils, stove, ice cooler, and even a private deck.

Water sports for the region incorporate kayaking, wind surfing, snorkeling, and scuba jumping. There is additionally an open-air eatery and a sustenance store for the individuals who need to cook from the protection of their own room.

We love to hear your comments about the experiences in these shoreline resorts for winter holidays. Feel free to share about other awesome properties around US.

December 4, 2016 Alok 2 comments


Good news for travel-bugs who love to escape in weekends. The next year – 2017 is packed with 14 long weekends, including two nine-day bonanzas—one in August and the other in October. Get prepping and packing folks! 2017 weekend planner is here.

Below is the snapshot if possible combinations of long weekends you can take during 2017

weekend planner,


January is blessed with awesome weather and the freshness of being the first month of the year. A January well spent sets the tone for the rest of the year.

1. Thu, 26 Jan: Republic Day
2. Fri, 27 Jan: Take leave
3. Sat, 28 Jan: Weekend
4. Sun, 29 Jan: Weekend

Travel Tip: Consider Gulmarg in Kashmir or Auli in Uttarakhand for skiing. If Skiing is not your thing then Jawai in Pali-Rajasthan is great to spot leopards.

2017 weekend planner


February is another month with great weather for outdoor travel. Mahashivratri falls on Friday next year to make it a good combo with weekend.

1. Fri, 24 Feb: Mahashivratri
2. Sat, 25 Feb: Weekend
3. Sun, 26 Feb: Weekend

Travel Tip: On a driving distance from Delhi is Taj Mahotsav (18–27 Feb) at Agra. Andaman Islands for diving and Goa for Carnival (25–28 Feb) can be great alternatives too.

2017 Weekend Planner
2017 Weekend Planner
2017 Weekend Planner


March has 2 kinds of people in India-One who are really busy with the fiscal year closing and other who are not. Many government employees look forward to use their LTA (Leave Travel Allowance) before it expires. March has a good weather for outdoors and it is the last month before summers set in India.

1. Sat, 11 Mar: Weekend
2. Sun, 12 Mar: Weekend
3. Mon, 13 Mar: Holi

Travel Tip: Mathura for Holi; Coorg to catch the white coffee flowers in bloom; Jaipur before it gets too hot.

1. Sat, 25 Mar: Weekend
2. Sun, 26 Mar: Weekend
3. Mon, 27 Mar: Take leave
4. Tue, 28 Mar: Gudi Padva

Travel Tip: Rishikesh for white-water rafting since it is the best time of year for this adventure.

2017 weekend planner


April sets the tone of new Fiscal year and a lot of folks look out for a break after the hectic annual closing. Coming April in 2017 gives a lot of opportunity for this.

1. Sat, 1 Apr: Weekend

2. Sun, 2 Apr: Weekend

3. Mon, 3 Apr: Take leave

4. Tue, 4 Apr: Ram Navami

Travel Tip: Srinagar for tulips and Gulmarg for blooming flowers and snow

1. Thu, 13 Apr: Vaisakhi

2. Fri, 14 Apr: Dr Ambedkar Jayanti, Good Friday

3. Sat, 15 Apr: Weekend

4. Sun, 16 Apr: Easter + Weekend

2017 Weekend Planner

Travel Tip: Amritsar for Baisakhi Festival (14 Apr) Mahabaleshwar for the Mapro Strawberry Festival (Easter weekend)

1. Sat, 29 Apr: Weekend

2. Sun, 30 Apr: Weekend

3. Mon, 1 May: May Day

Travel Tip: Shillong, Mashobra or Landour to beat the heat; Tadoba or Ranthambore to spot the big cat; Tawang for Adventure

2017 weekend planner

MAY: The only opportunity in May is May Day on 1st of May. Which is combined with April here.

Below is Calendar format of the 2017 Weekend Planner for quick snapshot.

2017 weekend planner


June being one of the hottest months of the years tempts you to run away to some cooler locations –Especially from North India.

1. Sat, 24 Jun: Weekend

2. Sun, 25 Jun: Weekend

3. Mon, 26 Jun: Ramzan Eid

Travel Tip: Hyderabad or Lucknow for Ramzan Eid; Munnar for the monsoon; Dharamshala for camping or trekking

July – is another month that is robbed-of any long weekend. However since it is a month of Summer-Vacations in Schools. Going back to grandparents place or relative’s place makes a great idea.


August of 2017 brings an opportunity to plan a long leave of 9 days, so make your plans from now

1. Sat, 12 Aug: Weekend

2. Sun, 13 Aug: Weekend

3. Mon, 14 Aug: Janmashtami or take leave

4. Tue, 15 Aug: Independence Day

5. Wed, 16 Aug: Take leave

6. Thu, 17 Aug: Parsi New Year

7. Fri, 18 Aug: Take leave

8. Sat, 19 Aug: Weekend

9. Sun, 20 Aug: Weekend

Travel Tip: Ladakh for adventure; Uttarakhand for trekking and Valley of Flowers

1. Fri, 25 Aug: Ganesh Chaturthi

2. Sat, 26 Aug: Weekend

3. Sun, 27 Aug: Weekend

Travel Tip: Pune for Ganesh Chaturthi; Coonoor for cheese-making at Acres Wild; Agumbe, Karnataka for a monsoon drive; Bali for a beach break

2017 weekend planner


Monsoon is almost over by September, great time to head for a jungle safari and experience the forest in its most natural way.

1. Sat, 30 Sep: Weekend

2. Sun, 1 Oct: Weekend

3. Mon, 2 Oct: Gandhi Jayanti

Travel Tip: Bhutan for the Thimphu Tshechu Festival (30 Sep–2 Oct); Bandhavgarh for wildlife season; Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh for the pleasant weather.

weekend planner


October is often called the month of festivals and coming October would not disappoint you at all. Pleasant weather and Diwali holidays make it an ideal time to head out

1. Sat, 14 Oct: Weekend

2. Sun, 15 Oct: Weekend

3. Mon, 16 Oct: Dhanteras or Take Leave

4. Tue, 17 Oct: Naraka Chaturdashi or Take Leave

5. Wed, 18 Oct: Diwali

6. Thu, 19 Oct: Balipratipada

7. Fri, 20 Oct: Bhaiduj

8. Sat, 21 Oct: Weekend

9. Sun, 22 Oct: Weekend

Travel Tip: Gangtok for clear views of the Kanchenjunga; Rajasthan for Diwali; Birand Billing for paragliding; Floathouse on river Kwai in Thailand for a mesmerising experience.

2017 weekend planner

November – Again comes dry in our list, it has no significant weekend to plan for vacation


Being the last month of the year with 2 set of long weekends makes December perfect to plan for that much awaited trip.

1. Fri, 1 Dec: Eid-e-Milad

2. Sat, 2 Dec: Weekend

3. Sun, 3 Dec: Weekend

Travel Tip:  Nagaland for Hornbill Festival; Periyar for wildlife; Bharatpur or Odisha for spotting migratory birds

1. Sat, 23 Dec: Weekend

2. Sun, 24 Dec: Weekend

3. Mon, 25 Dec: Christmas

Travel Tip: Manali and Rohtang pass for the snow; Puducherry or Alappuzha for a winter break

We hope this weekend planner will help you to plan a Great year ahead. We are looking forward to know from you about some great locations that can be covered in these long weekends.

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We arguably live on the most beautiful planet of our milky way. With the reach of humans to all corners of earth there are some places that are simply heavenly.

As we are celebrating the 45th anniversary of humans walking on the Moon, let’s take a peek at the totally unearthly-looking places that are actually here, on the planet Earth.

From pink lakes to the gates of hell, our mother nature is pretty wicked with her wonders. We feel that these 25 amazing destinations will make your eyes pop and jaws drop. Oh, and maybe buy a ticket for your next trip. Presenting the list of 25 Unearthly places below:

25 Unearthly Places

1 .Door to hell, Derweze, Turkmenistan

2. Lençóis Maranhenses, Brazil

3. Meteora, Greece

4. Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia

5. Stone Forest, Madagascar

6. Tianzi Mountains, China

7. Lake Retba, Senegal and Lake Hilier, Australia

8. Yosemite Valley, USA

9. Starry beach, Maldives

10. Black Forest, Germany

11. Li river, China

12. Mount Roraima, Venezuela/Brazil/Guyana

13. Antelope Canyon, USA

14. Naica mine, Mexico

15. Monument valley, USA

16. Slope Point, New Zealand

17. Halle forest, Belgium

18. Pamukkale, Turkey

19. Grand Canyon, USA

20. Mu Cang Chai rice terraces, Vietnam

21. Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

22. Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan

23. All of Iceland

24. Cappadocia, Turkey

25. Zhangye Danxia Landform, China

For a picture collection of these unearthly places Click →

25 Unearthly Places

Do share your views and opinion on this list of places, we would also love to hear your experience, if you have been to any of these 25 unearthly places.


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So you are getting married in this wedding season – Congratulations! Planning a memorable honeymoon is a very important part of your wedding planning. It’s a much-needed break after months of engaging and often tiring wedding schedule! Here are some handy tips for planning the ideal honeymoon.

Why we need an Ideal Honeymoon

tl9dekpndhm-wilson-sanchezTaking your honeymoon provides rejuvenation – It is often said that the wedding is for the guests, and the honeymoon is for the couple. Do you know why that is? It is because all of those crazy months of planning, primping, and preparation should account for something, right? I can’t tell you that it seems more often that not that the prep for the wedding is often so overwhelming that the actual event that may last 7 to 8 hours, can be somewhat of a letdown.  So after the wedding, is it any wonder that couples don’t want to head back to work like it is just another day? Couples need time to recover, rejuvenate, and rewind.

Your honeymoon sets the tone for your new life – A honeymoon provides your first memorable moments as a couple. It sets the stage on how a couple treats each other, and prepares the path to wedded bliss. Not to mention some great honeymoon memories that will help keep the spark alive while reminiscing. If you have an arranged marriage then it goes without saying that an ideal honeymoon will play a great role in understanding your partner

What is the “Ideal Honeymoon?”

Most people grow up with a preconceived notion of what an ideal honeymoon should involve. However, a bride’s idea of beachside paradise and a groom’s idea of a Adventurous Mountain resort might have some areas of conflict.

Paradise Comes in Many Forms – Different Types of Honeymoons
When it comes to honeymoon planning, most couples try to select the destination first, while travel agents often suggest a more productive way to begin. Unless your dream destination has already been set in stone, first decide what type of vacation you want. Then you can narrow down your list of destinations accordingly.

Resorts are very popular honeymoon destinations. They transport you into another world, for a wonderful escape from the daily grind of everyday life. They are often set in the most picturesque and beautiful places in the world, including pools, private beaches and golf courses. There are wonderful restaurants and relaxing spas for you both to experience.

ideal honeymoon

All-inclusive resorts streamline the enjoyment process by including everything. Your room, transfers, recreational facilities, meals and drinks are included in the one price. Without the worries of wondering how much everything little thing will cost, you are free to live the high life experiencing everything you want as often as you want it.

If an all-inclusive resort sounds tempting but too stationary, consider taking a cruise. Cruises are often floating resorts, which take you away to one exotic port after another. Whether you want a cultural cruise to the Caribbean region, or a cruise from Singapore to Disneyland in Hong Kong, a well-planned trip has it own advantages.

Some couples have also tried a very specialised “Retreat Honeymoon”. Which takes you to a different level of understanding and chemistry together. There are many such beautiful places in Himalayas and Africa. While choosing a retreat option, it is very important to consider the preference of your partner. Both may or may not like yoga of some therapy. An ideal honeymoon should always be a win-win.

 What to avoid in an Ideal honeymoon

For most couples it’s the very first time you are staying together and you learn quite a lot about your partner’s style and preferences. It’s advisable to put across your best behaviour. Don’t be fake; just be good and courteous to each other. Silly jokes and things may not help much and nobody wants his/her partner to be a jerk.

Key is to express your love and affinity for each other at every possible moment. Do share your experience that can make an ideal honeymoon.